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25 years of expertise and innovation in total safety

We are the only company in the field of mobile-stage equipment that for 25 years has invested massively in constant research and in the development and improvement of its products. Because the acquisition of that expertise and know-how over so many years has exposed us to every possible situation, we take our responsibility as a manufacturer and the safety of the professionals who work with our units very seriously indeed.

Our commitment to manufacturing the highest-performing and most innovative, reliable and safe equipment for our customers is total.

Our approach

A mobile stage is a highly sophisticated equipment that incorporates four technologies: mechanical and structural engineering, transportation, hydraulics and stage technology.

Our highly trained personnel, with specializations in all these various areas of expertise, oversee every stage of production, from design through final inspection, within the walls of our plants.

Engineering and research and development

A permanent team of 15 including initial designers works on the development and the continuous improvement of products and manufacturing processes. That team is made up of engineers specializing in the manufacture of trailers and in mechanical and hydraulic systems and structural analysis. They are backed up by designers, technical specialists and design draftsmen. They work with the latest structural-analysis and finite-element tools, such as Civil Design America, AutoCAD and SolidWorks.

Specialized workforce, machinery and tooling

On site we have all the equipment needed to work with steel and aluminum and the hydraulic components and other materials, as well as a paint shop.

The manpower is qualified and experienced in mechanical, welding, hydraulic, transportation, electrical, carpentry and finishing techniques. It includes welders, welder-assemblers, cutters, machinists, mechanics, painters, and hydraulics and finishing experts. All welders are certified and every year they have to sit the annual exams of the Canadian Welding Bureau to keep their certification. In addition to these teams there are the departments of production planning, quality control, costing, training and 24/24 after-sales service.

Production capacity

To this date we have manufactured over 500 units. The opening of a second production site in 2008 enables the firm to increase its manufacturing capacity. The new facility has work areas with clear heights of 32’ and 60’. That much space makes it possible to carry out tests and setups of the SAM series, the most imposing completely self-contained mobile stages ever built on a semi-trailer. The expansion also makes for faster pre-production tests and allows for reduced delivery periods and for working on tailor-made or larger-scale turnkey projects.

Quality control

We deliver our products around the world and our track record is impeccable. Since 2000 the firm has been ISO 9001 certified. Quality control is ensured by a mechanical engineer, his team of three technicians and an inspector accredited by the Canadian Welding Bureau.

This control means that, from the start of the manufacturing process until it exits the plant, each piece of equipment goes through a 600-point inspection. That inspection includes all the in-plant manufacturing work, road tests, load-bearing tests of major structural components, and final installation before delivery.


The firm is capable of meeting the strictest international standards of quality as it turns out the most highly advanced telescoping mobile units and stages in the world.

  • Certified by professional engineers
  • ISO 9001: Quality management system 
  • CWB: Canadian Welding Bureau (steel: CSA-W47.1 and aluminum: W47.2) 
  • Bureau Veritas certification 
  • CE: European certification 
  • C-TPAT : Securityof the international logistics chain, recognized by the standards of the World Customs Organization (WCO) 
  • GSA: General Service Administration (USA) 
  • LEED® certified building (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)
  • Member of the Canada Green Building Council



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