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Training Program

Whenever we deliver our portable stages we offer complete training to the team of technicians that will be using them. Hired any new technicians lately? Get in touch with us to organize a training session. Stageline products never stop evolving, and our trainers are up to speed on every improvement.

The training program is designed primarily to help technicians:

  • Assimilate basic theoretical concepts relative to the operation of the mobile stage 
  • Understand the specific interactions among the various components during operations 
  • Identify the risks associated with unsuitable use of the portable stage 
  • Understand critical factors such as weight limitations and stage uses 
  • Learn communication, safety and interaction with on-site personnel 
  • Do repairs and diagnosis

For further information on our training program, call our customer service department at 1-800-267-8243(in North America) or via email at


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